The teeth whitening industry is one of the fastest growing industry’s in the country, the demand for teeth whitening is at all a all time high and is only going to increase. You can learn from the comfort of your own home or in our office.

Teeth whitening is the #1 requested cosmetic service
HUGE Profits to be made
Easy to sell—whitening is desired by 90% of Women and Men, young and old
Get certified in only a couple hours
$11.4 Billion dollar industry
Year round appeal–NO SLOW SEASON
Make your investment back in DAYS!

What is  Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

How Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Work

Anatomy of a tooth

Understanding the oral cavity

Risks, side effects and safety controls

Common staining types and how to treat them

Identifying cracked teeth, filings, crowns, veneers & cavities

Identifying gum diseases such as gingivitis

Teeth sensitivity; How to control and eliminate any discomfort

Treatment procedure tips and protocol

Overview of cosmetic teeth whitening materials

Informed consent forms

Identifying unsuitable clients

General teeth Whitening questions

Post procedure maintenance – 24-hour “White Diet”

Storing the whitening gel

Hygiene/Cross Infection Control

Communication with your clients

Building your business, client acquisition

After whitening follow up protocols

Referral systems

You will also learn about various whitening gel types and bleach strengths together with information about a range of whitening accelerator types

Discounted starter kit upon completion

Get Certified in Laser & Light Therapy 8 hours for $759. Non- Refundable Deposit of $300 is required.

This course is a great introduction into the Medical Aesthetics industry. You will learn everything you need to know about all lasers and light modalities including hands on training with the Yag.

We function to adequately prepare you for the next step in your journey as a Medical Aesthetics. Our team members are skilled instructors as well as estheticians! Our classes are limited to 10 individuals, in order to ensure a more personalized, one- on-one learning environment.

Course Overview

Laser Safety

Hair Removal

Tattoo Removal


​Medical aesthetics

Theory and Physics

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Protocols and treatment guidelines

Body Contouring Certification $2,500 with machine. Non- Refundable deposit of $500 is required.

Body contouring is an exceedingly popular aesthetic treatment aiming at reducing body fat and cellulite, in addition to toning and attaining greater body definition via a wide range of non-invasive protocols and technologies. Our Body Contouring Course covers a verity of the most advanced technologies and science of non-surgical body contouring, including radio frequency energy ultrasonic cavitation, laser lipo, and cryolipolysis.

In this course you will learn how to provide expert non-surgical body contouring treatments to the highest of standards, and become proficient in patient counselling and treatment planning to achieve the best results in reducing body fat & cellulite.

Our esteemed faculty of accredited aesthetic practitioners will present you with a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge non-invasive body contouring treatments, and conduct live demonstrations which includes cryolipolysis, ultrasonic cavitation, laser lipo, and radio frequency modalities of fat & cellulite reduction and skin tightening procedures. You will also have the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience of body contouring treatments under the supervision of our faculty in a live simulated training setting.

Through our distinctive training module of  theoretical and practical applications you will attain the skillset needed to offer your clients the best non-invasive, safe, and effective solutions for body shaping, removal of fat deposits and cellulite, and skin tightening.

Upon registration, delegates will learn the course module using various educational modalities which include lectures, videos and live clinical demonstration.

After completing this course, you will be able to apply the theory, science and practice of body contouring, and possess comprehensive knowledge of this revolutionary treatment. You will receive a competency-based certificate of completion after passing the final assessment.

Look and Fell like PERFECTA!

We are excited to meet you!

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